Amazonian tribe seeks contact while libertarian tribe seeks ‘freedom’

FireShot Screen Capture #022 - 'A fatal clash of civilisations_ 'Lost' Amazonian tribe under threat from illegal loggers operating in their traditional territories - Americas - World - The Independent' - www_inde

There were two stories in the newspaper today with interesting parallels. The first was about an indigenous tribe in the Amazon who have made contact with a settled village in Brazil, driven out of their land by the activities of illegal loggers and possibly drug traffickers. In the same newspaper there was a story about a festival in New Hampshire, where radical libertarians are seeking to create a community outside the state.

The libertarians seek ‘freedom’ from the state because they believe this to be a better way to live. The displaced Amazonian tribe are already living a life outside the rules of the state. The libertarians are unhappy because they seek a more ‘natural’ way of living which they think is impossible in the confines of the state. The tribe are unhappy because they need food and clothing and have been driven to make contact with the outside world.

The reality is that as human beings we are always seeking the perfect way of living which is unobtainable. Live is a brutal struggle for existence, something that the Amazonian tribe would be very aware of.


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